You didn’t consider corporate power

Corporations, which as legal creations actually have rights above humans, didn’t exist yet.

Voting for a candidate simply because he’s a member of your party or because he appears to be a man of faith is always the wrong thing. Faith isn’t enough. Throughout recorded history it’s been said in many ways that those who hide behind the cross or wrap themselves in the flag are typically scoundrels and we have to dig much deeper than that to get to the truth of a person’s honesty and commitment to a civilized life.

We’ve lost our Republic (many think it’s a Democracy). We’ve actually arrived at a point where corporate lobbyists write our laws, elected representatives don’t even read the bills they vote on, to say nothing about an executive, a man who proclaims his faith, who actually said about the Constitution that “it’s just a goddamned piece of paper” and signs nearly every new law with a statement saying that it doesn’t apply to himself. We’re in big trouble.

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.

Bertrand de Jouvenal

That was quite interesting. I went onto the Larry Winget website and listened to one of his interviews. I don’t have cable TV so I’ll probably never see the show. He makes a lot of sense – but in a lot ways of ways -it’s the same stuff… different guy… different day. I mean liked it, but the interview I heard was about taking personal responsibility for problems in your life and I’ve been telling that to people I try to help for years now. Especially with the consequences of getting into bad credit card debt and how changing their attitudes about that can also be directed to many other areas of their lives for a free-er, more happy lifestyle. Unfortunately I don’t have the money – for mass media marketing! LOL.