Update on Things and a Thank You!!!

Since 6/6/15 I have decreased my debt from $12,602 to $11,832! I use the debt analysis chart for balance, interest rate, finance charge, date due.

My overtime money and every dime I can spare now goes to the debt monster.

I managed to get my interest rate lowered from Citi from 31% to 23.34%!

I never knew what I owed until I made the chart! I was always late with payments not realizing the overlines and late fees. Now I am current with everyone. I initially almost went with a credit counseling service but decided to go it alone. I built a cushion so I pay bills when they are due, on the websites of each creditor so I know they got their payment before the due date.

I enjoy reading everyone’s experiences in this website! I look forward to getting all the e-mail from adidamseattle!

You guys have been a lifesaver to me. I appreciate all of you stories thoughts and insights and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

WTG!!! That is such a good chunk you did in such a short time!

I also didn’t realize how much debt we had and where we had it till i made a chart. Since I made the chart I have paid much more on our accounts!

Keep up the good work!

Where is the debt analysis chart? This video explains US debt changes in general: