Simple math

OK, because of Barclaycard being so hard nosed, my fella is going to put them into his Credit Union’s Platinum card at 12% APR so I currently owe $1638,00 on Barclaycard’s bill.

What is roughly the interest and how much per month would be good to be rid of the debt in say a year or less?? Barclaycard’s APR worked out their finance charges are $39.20 a month. So my fella’s card will be about $18.00-$20.00 a month.

Barclaycard had hiked me up to 26.40%APR, so this is under half that. The balance over 12 months is $136.66 a month. So I’m thinking $160.00 a month would cover it… about $80.00 per payday.

He isn’t putting the year timeline on it, *I* am.