I did it :)

I called one of my cards that had an outrageous interest rate (23.99) and i called and got it down to 14.99! i’m not putting anything on the card of course but it helps with the monthly interest rate. I should have this card paid off in 2-3 months.

My working has helped get our balances down a lot. past month i’ve had a lot of vet bills and my paycheck paid those which otherwise i would have had to put on a card until my dh’s next paycheck so i’m very happy with that.

Just wanted to share my good news:) I never did that before!

Applause Applause!!!!!! My card I am fighting with is (Barclaycard) not working with me at all. It is their rigid attitude and no communication that has angered me no end. I an simply socking them down. I’m planning to pay about $120 every payday, that will rid me of them in about 6 months.

I want to just scream at their total disregard for this, and they just don’t care.

Maybe they take lessons from Citi?

Keep that up and you might be able to call these card companies on behalf of others and start a debt service.

thank you! I was actually surprised they didi t so easily ya know! I never did that before but figured the worst they could say is sorry can’t do it, ya know??

Good luck with getting yours piad down. I wish i knew when i turned 18 how evil CCs were. My parents taught me to save and how to balance my checkbook and i started working hwen i was 16, i helped my parents by paying for part of my school clothes/ supplies, paid for my phone and any other extra stuff i had at home (internet if i did), etc. WHen i was 18 i paid my mom rent (not alot but to help out ya know)… but i never really was told. hey be careful… yu can dig a deep hole.

But now i know and i am working on getting out. It’s bbeen a long journey but I see a vague light lolol