Getting started

I went through and started by listing everyone that I owe. It’s kind of humbling to find out that you have 42K in debt and don’t make that in a year. I have 3 kids, work 2 jobs and am trying to go to school. While that debt does include my house and car, I messed up with getting those Pay Day loans and am now trying to pay those off. Another thing that I have had to do that may sound silly is constantly watch my bank account. (I didn’t do this before!). Money goes everywhere. What suggestions do you have for saving $$$ that can be put into lowering your debt. We have downgraded to basic cable, basic phone, and done the average billing on utilities. What else can I do?

I’ve seen /heard interviews by the author of this book this week. Sounds interesting. I haven’t bought it though.. may check it out at the library.

Yep, that’s another reason why many folks can’t find a reasonable job in the USA. Our companies send the jobs over to India, China and other places. The biggest kick in the pants? Many of the soon to be displaced workers are ordered to TRAIN their replacements…!