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I had never heard of those words “military industrial complex”

I had never heard of those words “military industrial complex” until my husband mentioned it. He is a retired Army officer with 28 years of military service. It’s scary.. makes me think about the war in a whole new light. Bottom line is always money!

Something funny just came to my mind, Lisa. Speaking of her – maybe I should follow in her footsteps as far as her way of getting out of a predicament – latch on to and marry a guy with money! LOL!

I hear ya!!! Nah, I’m WAAAAYYYY to independent now to do that! But she was a smart one wasn’t she?

Doesn’t always work… sometimes the guy is a tightwad! !! LOL

That Dr. who started that fire in NYC to destroy the building that his wife would get in the divorce settlement sounds like he was a real winner! Funny though…she’ll get that property now and it is worth a lot with that building gone… and he’s gone too!

That would be my luck! LOL. Boy, did his plan backfire on him!

Yes, she was! She had, what Margeret Mitchell said of the character, “gumption”. But, you know – if you really think about it, it is a story of collapse then fighting and clawing your way back out. At least she had more gumption than that ol’ sissy Ashley Wilkes! LOL.

Thanks for all your efforts. Wish all employers were the same way. As I mentioned, my employers that I have had have taken profits, etc and put them into income property for themselves leaving us without health insurance, retirement, or anything else.

I’d love to open a retail shop but of course with the prices in SF it is too prohibitive without incurring more debt.

Ironically if I were starting some software or hardware company and could convince some venture capitalists it was a good idea, they would gladly turn over a bunch of money to me and it wouldn’t matter if I paid it back or not.