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Brand New and starting over

Hi everyone! Like most in this blog, I am getting our family out of debt. We had some unfortunate and great things happen to us in 2015. We got married, had a baby(c-section without insurance) and both lost our jobs. Sounds fun right???? We moved into a more cost effective apartment and I am starting a job on Monday. Our families have been able to help us for almost a year now but we don’t want to owe them any more money than where we are at. We are $26,000.00 in debt which is what I will make this year. I filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and don’t plan on doing it again.

Any advice on how to start back over from scratch would be very helpful.

I’m open to discuss our situation further since we’re in the same boat.

Thanks a million!!!

Welcome to the blog:) I wanted to say congrats on your new baby! Also on your new job! Good luck with it! WIsh i had some suggestions but I don’t:( Good luck and i hope some here can help out more!


I’ve been reading as much as I can in the past few days. There’s a lot of great information on here.

Thanks again…it’s nice to “meet” you.

If you pay the full amount of a credit card

If you pay the full amount of a credit card, can the credit card company put “account written off” on your credit report and show a “0” balance? Is there anyway to get the “account written off” off your credit report?

I am confused by your statement :-/

If you pay off a debt in full, then it will be reported as “paid if full” and that is a good mark on your credit report, but…

If you are stating that you the debt is paid in full after the debt has been charged off then that is another story indeed…

Once a creditor has charged off, then they report this to the CRAs as a “charge off”. Then a CA will collect on this debt (or try). If the debtor pays the debt in full, then the CA can and should report it as “paid in full”, but the “charge off” will still remain.

That notation can only be taken off by the OC (original creditor) that reported it.

It would be best to deal with the OC rather than the CA if you want a “paid in full” and the “charge off” taken off.

Is that what you were looking for and does this help?

But the answer is Absolutely not.

“Charge-offs” can and should be removed from ones credit file. But to do that you have to get the creditor that put it there to take it off. So if the debt is very old then it can be very difficult to get it removed… but not impossible. This is like with cash advance loans – you only should opt to trusted and reputable websites like BigOnCash, OppLoans, LendingTree and a few others.

Helpful Advice Needed

I have a good friend that lost his job 5 months ago. He is still unemployed and having a hard time finding work. He has gone on several interviews so at least he is trying. The problem is he has several bills that cannot be paid due to his unemployment. What can he tell these creditors so that they will stop calling? Should he write a certified letter explaining his situation? Please give some advice because I want to help out as much as I can. I am paying some of his small bills, but the larger ones I cannot pay.

They can call all they want, but calling still won’t get the bills paid. So in essence they are wasting their time calling. I am sure there is something he can do. No one should be harassed by the phone constantly even if they are behind on bills. Alot of these creditors think that consumers don’t know laws, but lots of us do. Alot of these creditors do illegal things to collect that are downright rude. I am telling him to document every call and who he spoke with and also tell them that he is taping the conversations. I am going to tell him to take everyone’s advice here and send a certified letter to them. All of us will hit hard times at some point, even the rude creditors that call. No one’s job is guaranteed………

I am glad that you got your CC company to work with you. That’s the way things should be handled. But when you have already tried that and they still keep calling, thats when you have to take matters a little further. I will help my friend all I can and it pains me to see him going through this. That’s why I am on this group to find out what I can do and I have seen lots of great advice. I have seen several people on this forum that got the creditors to stop calling, so it is possible……..

I’m so sorry about your friends situation. We have been in the same situation for a year now. We only pay the necessities (home, utilities, food,basic phone line and transportation) until we can do more. It’s awfully hard to pay for something when you have no job. Is he trying for any state assistance for food or anything? We hated to do that but we can now eat and not worry about that expense until mt first paycheck.

As far as the phone calls, I’m looking for the same information. We ended up turning the phone off and reconnecting with a new one.

Drastic…isn’t it? But we were getting no help from the creditors. No matter what we told them, they just kept harrassing us. I’m not telling you to do that, we felt like that was our only option.

There’s nothing worse than getting 40 phone calls in a day and not one of them being a potential employer, but bill collectors. I know he’s frustrated but it will get better.

I hope someone here has better advice for him.