Month: February 2017

Brand New and starting over

Hi everyone! Like most in this blog, I am getting our family out of debt. We had some unfortunate and great things happen to us in 2015. We got married, had a baby(c-section without insurance) and both lost our jobs. Sounds fun right???? We moved into a more cost effective apartment and I am starting a job on Monday. Our families have been able to help us for almost a year now but we don’t want to owe them any more money than where we are at. We are $26,000.00 in debt which is what I will make this year. I filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and don’t plan on doing it again.

Any advice on how to start back over from scratch would be very helpful.

I’m open to discuss our situation further since we’re in the same boat.

Thanks a million!!!

Welcome to the blog:) I wanted to say congrats on your new baby! Also on your new job! Good luck with it! WIsh i had some suggestions but I don’t:( Good luck and i hope some here can help out more!


I’ve been reading as much as I can in the past few days. There’s a lot of great information on here.

Thanks again…it’s nice to “meet” you.