Month: October 2016

I am considering paying my way to long held credit card off

Hello, i am new to this group… only recieved a few emails so far…

BUT!!!!! i am considering paying my way -to – long held credit card off, in one whack, just to get rid of it. i know how much $$ i do owe, but i have heard, that sometimes if you talk to them, and tell them, you want to outright pay it off, they give you a break.

has anyone ever done this?? should i call and ask if they will do it?? who should i ask for? this is for a bank of America CC. we had it forever and all we ever did pay way too much in interest. anyhow, if anybody has any good ideas, i would be thankful. oohh, i will be gone till Tuesday, so i will be unable to respond to any emails.

If you can pay it all off at once… do it, except are you paying with money you’ve actually accumulated/received or are you paying it off with another line of credit or a loan of some sort at a lower interest rate? If the card you have has always had high interest, they may not budge, but you could always try calling them, or going into the bank personally to negotiate for a lower interest rate.

If they won’t work with you, there are literally thousands of creditors with lower interest rates (especially if you have a good credit score). Now if you are in jam with credit, it may be best to pay off any outstanding balances and stop uisng credit for awhile altogether. Learn to live within or lower than your means with a cash out of pocket budget, only. That is what I had to do. My life is so much simpler and free (mentally and emotionally) this way.